Mike went to office and called to his house over phone. Servant had taken the receiver.
Mike: Who is speaking?
Servant : Servant Sir.
Mike: Where is the Madam?
Mike: She is sleeping with her husband in bedroom.
Mike: What? I am her husband came to office today.
Servant: What can I do now sir?
Mike: Open the cupboard, pick the Gun, shoot both of them, come back and tell me, till then I am waiting in the line. After some time … there come 2 shooting sounds … after that …
Servant: Yes, I did Sir. But what can I do next Sir?
Mike: Open the back door, throw both of them into the swimming pool
Servant: There is no swimming pool in our house Sir
Mike: What…? No swimming pool?
Servant: Yes Sir
Mike: Sorry, wrong number !!!!!!!!