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Friday, March 27, 2009

Funny, Clean, A Man Walks Into Bar Jokes with Drinking Jokes

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  • A Skeleton walks into a bar and says,
    "Give me a beer and give me a mop.

  • A grasshopper walks into a bar and the bartender says,
    'Hey, we have a drink named after you!'
    The grasshopper looks surprised and says,
    'You have a drink named Steve?'

  • A man walks into a bar swinging a set of jumper leads above his head.
    The barman looks over and says
    "You're not going to start anything in here, mate!"

  • Three old ladies are walking down the street. They are hard of hearing.
    One: "Whew, it's windy today!"
    Two: "No. Today's Thursday!"
    Three: "So am I! Let's go to a bar!

  • A golf club walks into a local bar and asks the barman for a pint of beer.
    The barman refuses to serve him. "Why not," asks the golf club.
    "You'll be driving later," replies the bartender.

  • A brain walks into a bar and says, "I'll have a pint of beer please."
    The barman looks at him and says "Sorry, I can't serve you."
    "Why not?" askes the brain.
    "You're already out of your head."