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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Funny / Racist Black Jokes & Nigger Jokes about Black People

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  • Q: What happens when you stick you hand in a jar of jellybeans?
    A: The black ones steal your watch.

  • Q: How do you start a black parade?
    A: Roll a 40 down the street.

  • Q: Why do blacks burry their dead upside down?
    A: Use em as bike racks.

  • Q: How did they improve the transportation in harlem?
    A: Move the trees closer together.

  • Q: What did the black girl say while having sex?
    A: Dad get off me your crushing my ciggs.

  • Q: Why are black people like jelly beans?
    A: No one likes the black ones.

  • Q: What do you call a school bus full of black people?
    A: A rotten banana

  • Q: What was the only thing missing from the million man march?
    A. An auctionner

  • Q: How long does it take a black lady to shit?
    A: 9 months.

  • Q: What do you call 100 black guys baried from the neck down?
    A: Afroturf.

  • Q: Why are blacks afried of lawnmovers?
    A: Beacuse it gose run nigger nigger run.